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Grass Roots - good mystery shopper site

Posted by fishface
Posted by fishface | Posted on 04th-December-2016 at 18:15
For people who like mystery shopping Grass Roots is a good one. Application is fairly quick and they just ask you to write a few sentences about what makes a good mystery shopper,...

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Loads of mystery shopping assignments available at

Posted by jaydog
Posted by jaydog | Posted on 10th-November-2016 at 13:41
Rating is obviously a site for people wanting to become mystery shoppers as you might have guessed from the name. I've only just signed up today but it took about 2...

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Get £10.80 in free stamps every month, plus other free gifts from Royal Mail

Posted by fevermonkey
Posted by fevermonkey | Posted on 01th-November-2016 at 10:47
TNS Research act on behalf of Royal Mail to run this. The opportunity is basically to be a kind of mystery shopper for Royal Mail. They send you things through the post that you th...

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Be a Mystery Shopper with Market Force

Posted by simplesimon
Posted by simplesimon | Posted on 12th-May-2016 at 18:05
Market Force are a good online mystery shopping company which pays you to go places and then answer some questions about it. Like they might pay you to go into a shop between a cer...

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Posted by raymondo
Posted by raymondo | Posted on 05th-May-2016 at 13:24
I'm sure most people know what mystery shopping is already but just for those who don't, mystery shopping is where you get paid to try out a company's products, services or website...

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