Make money emailing - how to build an email list quickly

Posted by Grimbon | Posted on 16/01/2020 at 10:13:28

Anyone who makes a living online will tell you that the most important thing to have is a sizeable email list. If your list is big enough, and relevant enough, every email is a guaranteed quids in. But of course the sticking point for most people is how to get that email list in the first place, and how to do so legitimately.

This training course, 'The Instant Email List' (possibly a bit misleading as it's not actually instant), gives you a hassle-free way of doing this. And happily, it doesn't require spamming stuff on social media, which was always something I've refused to do. This method just makes use of existing resources in order to organically build an email list in an honest and legitimate manner. And once you've put the wheels into motion, it basically builds itself from there.

I know it might sound like I'm bigging this course up a bit too much, but I will state that I'm in no way involved with this site, nor am I earning affiliate commission from posting this (from what I understand we're not allowed to post our own affiliate links on this website anyway). I just know from experience how difficult building a mailing list can be, and also how important it is for affiliate marketing, and wanted to share this because it's really helped me in my recent endeavours.

Let me know your thoughts.

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2020-01-16 10:16:49

My thoughts are:

Yes. Building a mailing list is essential for any online business. This is your core base of income; you are not reliant on people having to stumble across some random page you've created, a list of emails is a ready made source of income. I don't know the product you've linked to myself, but I agree with everything you've said about the importance of building a good quality email list.

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2020-01-17 12:42:33

I'd echo the above. Without a mailing list your business is nonexistent.

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2020-01-18 13:34:03

Seems like sound advice.


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