Call 08 numbers free from mobiles and don't have to wait on hold

Posted by raymondo | Posted on 18/05/2015 at 23:08:05

WeQ4U is a very handy little app which is available for iPhones and Android phones, which allows you to call most 08 numbers for free. It does this by finding an alternative number that will be included in your mobile minutes, and connecting you to that instead (if it can't find an alternative number it will tell you, but it's usually very reliable).

As if this wasn't enough, once you're connected, if you are put on hold you can just press 9* and they will temporarily disconnect you so you don't have to wait on hold. They'll then alert you and automatically reconnect you as soon as somebody answers on the other end. So you don't have to sit there listening to the hold music and waiting for somebody to answer for ages. Great idea!

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2016-07-08 09:12:06

I have this app and it's very good. Don't know if you watch Dragons' Den but they were on that a couple of years ago, which was the first place I heard of it. What they did was very clever really. They went on and asked for £130,000 for 1% of their company. Obviously they must have known that no Dragon would invest at that rate, so I'm fairly sure they didn't actually want any investment, they just wanted to pulicise their app. Worked on me!

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2016-07-08 11:56:15

Excellent app

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2016-07-08 16:05:52


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2016-07-15 23:19:19

Very convenient app

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2016-08-19 22:00:42

This doesn't work anymore. I tried it the other day and it's now 15p per minute.

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2016-08-19 22:01:22

Oh no, sorry, ignore me I was thinking of something else.


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