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Posted by mynameisdave | Posted on 15/01/2020 at 20:27:06

Right, so I don't want to oversell this and for those of you who know me, you know I don't usually post stuff like this. But I've seen a few Clickbank-related posts recently, and I couldn't let it pass without posting this one.

I've been using Clickbank for years, making a modest income from it. Recently I came across 'Clickbank University' - I'd heard lots about it previously and it had all been good, but you never really know what to trust when you're dealing with people who you know are making money by sending you to their website. But the video looked good, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm very glad I did. It's no exaggeration for me to say that this is the best Clickbank product there is. While I used to make some money from Clickbank, and supplemented my income with other stuff like surveys and Kindle, I never quite got into Clickbank the way I am now. It's mostly all I do now; I make more money than I did when I was working a full time job, and it's genuinely all because of this course.

You've probably noticed I haven't posted anything recently (doesn't look like many have), but as others are talking about making money as an affiliate, I thought I would let you know about this little gem.

Basically, if you want to make a full time living online, sign up to this. It's a no brainer.

Quick money? Yes and no. You can easily make a your first sale relatively quickly, which is enough to keep you interested. To be earning the serious money does take a while though. I'd say you it'll take you at least a couple of months before you can even think about quitting your job. But it's a snowball effect, and well worth the effort.

Feel free to PM me if you need any advice etc.

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Comments: 24
2020-01-15 20:33:32

Thanks Dave! Will definitely have a look

Comments: 25
2020-01-16 10:21:41

This is a well known website within the affiliate marketing community. And I've only heard good things, which is always a good sign. Very low cancellation rate.

Comments: 7
2020-01-17 12:42:01

This is a yes from me.

Comments: 41
2020-01-18 13:35:05

My affiliate marketing days are over, I think. After so many failed attempts in the past, my soul is somewhat crushed :(


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