Earn money writing product reviews with Dooyoo

Posted by raymondo | Posted on 10/07/2016 at 17:14:46

Dooyoo.com lets you write reviews about virtually any product you can think of, and pays you for each one you publish. The amount you get paid for each review varies depending on what the product is. Nice way to stack up a bit of extra cash if you're into writing and it's a really good community site too.

You get paid in Dooyoo 'miles' and can convert them to cash or Amazon vouchers once you've built up enough. You only have to write a minimum of 150 words per review.

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2016-07-10 19:23:22

Wow I had completely forgotten about Dooyoo, I used to use it years ago and haven't heard anything about it since, I thought it had probably closed down. Other similar sites I used to use were Mouthshut, Epinions and Ciao. I've just checked and they're all still running too, I haven't used any of them in ages. I just used to write a review on one and then copy and paste it on to the others as well. Kill four birds with one stone! Not sure if you're allowed to do that or not but I guess you probably are allowed to as it's your own material that you hold the copyright to.

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2016-07-11 00:25:18

I've no idea whether you'd be allowed to do that or not. Like you say you presumably own the copyright to anything you've written but then if they've got it in their terms that it has to be unique content, which they might have, I guess you could risk getting banned. If not then that sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the sites you mentioned, I'll have a look at them (although I'm already a member of Ciao).

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2016-07-11 16:05:32

Legend! Love product review sites and didn't even know about Dooyoo. I shall be transferring a lot of my reviews over from Epinions today I think...

Like the avatar Raymondo btw

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2016-07-11 16:19:16

Another review site. That's all we need...

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2016-07-11 22:14:12


Take it you're not a fan of review sites then???

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2016-07-12 17:03:24

I used to be, and still am of some of them, but there are just that many about that I get sick of stumbling across them all the time.

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2016-11-08 12:59:11

They're having some sort of re-launch from the looks of things...


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