Free 'Cold Beater' 100 page book from LA Muscle (£1.99 postage)

Posted by onlyme | Posted on 09/07/2015 at 15:16:56

LA Muscle are offering a free copy of 'Cold Beater', a book apparently based on four years of research which helps you avoid colds and get rid of colds faster. I have ordered mine but haven't received it yet, so can't give too much information about what it's like, but from the website it looks like a hardback book. It's free but you have to pay £1.99 postage. Still seems like a pretty good deal though.

Info from their website:

Written over a period of 4 years

If you are always feeling sick or down with a cold every few weeks, then this book is for you. If you are the type that has a cold lingering on for weeks with an immune system incapable of dealing with a slight shiver, then Cold Beater will open your eyes.

Cold Beater is a comprehensive 100 page quality book, written by the best-selling author of The Body Kit Manual. It has taken 4 years of research, interviews, observations, collation and writing to bring you Cold Beater.
Covering a wide range of cold-prevention and cold-beating methods

Check out the contents pages:

About the author
What exactly is a cold?
Adjusting your body to fight colds
The main food groups
The role of doctors and pills
Seemingly unrelated things and how they affect a cold
Reflexology to fight colds
Using Acupressure to avoid & beat colds
Supplements to help beat a cold
Signs to look out for
Supplementary tools to beat a cold
Questions and answers
Quick reference guide

Why Cold Beater really is the answer to colds

Colds are not "diseases" that a pill can get rid of. Colds are your body's way of recovering from being run down or from being placed in a compromising situation, such as in the cold or going without sufficient nutrients.

A cold is actually a good thing in a way as it is a very important signal from your own body. Pills are often not the answer to combating the cold. The answer lies in looking after your body, its psychology, stress levels, nutrients, meridians and chemistry.

When your body is operating at 100% efficiency, you are highly unlikely to go down with a cold, so much so that you can even be near people who are sick and you would still be ok!

Cold Beater teaches you many things and covers a broad range of effective topics such as Reflexology, nutrition, Acupressure and psychology. The methods in this book will 100% work as long as you put them into practice.

Make sure you don't have another day off sick. Order Cold Beater today.

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