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Posted by Expicell | Posted on 04/04/2017 at 04:41:32


Our team has just launched a website for freelancers to provide their
services to our potential 20,000 customers

As part of our opening month, we are looking for freelancers to sign up
and create their profile on Gurulancer.com

We will pay you $10 if you sign up then set up your profile and post some gigs or services.

if you sign up and do all of the above, then send an email with your
profile name and we will issue you the payment through paypal

NOTE: This offer is only good for the first 50 people who sign up, first come first serve basis

What makes us different from other freelance websites?

-We do not hold your payment for more than 1 day; we pay you for your work
the next day

-We only take 5% commission unlike other websites that take 20% commission
on each sale, however this is for our first year, next year we will resume
our normal schedule of Fees, each seller level will have a different fee,
the top rated seller will only have a fee of 6.5%

-We incentivize and reward our sellers for their customer service and
performance, the higher your level the less fees you have to pay, plus
other perks such as being featured in emails to customers, and being
featured on front page or blog

Also as an incentive, we have a gain share program where we distribute a portion of the profits gurulancer.com made at the end of the year to our top performing sellers, so this is a bonus factor for providing your best service

-Each month we do a cash prize giveaway for our top sellers, we will do a raffle and winner will be sent a payment to their paypal account
NOTE: this event will start on monthly basis beginning early next year

-We also listen to feedback from the community and make changes where
possible so that our sellers have an easier time to focus on giving their
best service and buyers have a great experience

-We are very tight about our customer service, if we hear customers complaining about your service or report to us that any seller is committing fraudulent services then we will ban or suspend that seller after a brief discussion on what is going on.

Any questions? let us know by email

Email: support@gurulancer.com

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2018-12-15 11:26:03

I have worked on fiverr but now I think of shifting too other platform such as https://www.freelancer.com


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