Get £100 for switching to the Co-op bank (plus £25 for charity)

Posted by cyclops69 | Posted on 01/11/2016 at 17:11:59

Ok, so they might not be everyone's preferred company at the moment, but recent events aside the Co-op are probably the most ethical bank out there. Their customer service is great and they don't try to slap on hidden charges all over the place.

Anyway, right now they're offering £100 to anybody who switches their bank account to them. And there are ways of getting round this if you don't want to switch you main account.

If you've got another account you don't use, you can just set up two standing orders on that account (to yourself, if you want, but Co-op requires there be at least two standing orders or direct debits to switch). You can then tell them to switch from that account. They then say you need to deposit at least £800 within the first 31 days.

However, there is a work around for this bit as well :)

Say you only have £200. If you transfer this to the Co-op, you can then transfer it back out again... and then back in again. This would count as £400 having gone in in total. You can then repeat this twice more and that's your £800.

This is more or less what I did, and it worked great. They credit your account with the £100 within 45 days.

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2016-11-02 02:29:00

Also works for existing customers who aren't currently using their Co-op account. Even if you've had an incentive from them before!!

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2016-11-02 16:57:57

And then if you switch straight to Halifax after that you can get another £100!


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