Get £10.80 in free stamps every month, plus other free gifts from Royal Mail

Posted by fevermonkey | Posted on 01/11/2016 at 03:47:49

TNS Research act on behalf of Royal Mail to run this. The opportunity is basically to be a kind of mystery shopper for Royal Mail. They send you things through the post that you then need to send back. Basically, pop a couple of things in the letterbox and fill in a couple of short surveys each month, and you will receive 12 first class stamps and 4 large first class stamps every month, completely free. What's more is from time to time they will send you free gifts, such as stamp presentation packs, mini eggs and calendars.

It only takes about a minute to see if you're eligible by completing the survey on the page I've linked to.

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2016-11-01 09:27:16

Cool! Thanks!

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2016-11-01 09:33:35

Good post. I actually registered for this a few weeks ago and received the following email on Monday, which gives a little bit more information:


There is an opportunity for you to represent your area on the Royal Mail Survey.

This project measures Royal Mail's service and helps them to identify specific parts of their network that require improvement. About 6,000 panellists participating from business and residential addresses post items to each other. TNS calculates how long it takes for Royal Mail to deliver those items.

We'd like to invite you to join our panel of 6,000 panellists for a fixed period of 6 months during which we'll ask you to send and receive a variety of letters. In exchange, we will send you a monthly incentive of 12 x 1st Class stamps and 4 x 1st Class Large Letter stamps. Upon completion of 6 months, you will have received 2 sets of Presentation Stamps, and every day you log-in and complete outstanding tasks, you will be entered into the following working day’s draw to win 1 of 14 £10 High Street Vouchers.

Even if you are not available at this point in time, we'd be grateful if you would let us know either way by clicking on the following link:


I then received this email once I had confirmed my interest:

Welcome to the Royal Mail Survey.

We have now registered your details to our live posting panel and you will receive your first Sender Pack in the week commencing 14/04/2014

You will receive an email to notify when your first pack is being prepared and despatched.

Please do not reply to this email. If you have any further queries, please direct them to our helpdesk at postalsurvey@tns-ri.co.uk.

Royal Mail Team

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2016-11-01 11:29:51

That's cool that you've had the invitation through as not everyone does. Well worth it though. I never run out of stamps!

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2016-11-30 10:12:40

Oooh sounds like fun, thanks!

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2018-02-25 13:52:38

I have now done a second period of posting things for some weeks. Received a few stamps at the beginning of both terms. This time also started an unaddressed mail survey which promised gift vouchers. Both times I've been sent an email that there is oversubsciption and that I am out of the survey. Currently I don't know if this means the promised vouchers for the started survey will never materialise.
I assume this company gets a massive amount of money from Royal Mail and what do I get? A few stamps?
I've done surveys for years and years, and this by far seems to be the most dubious thinking of rewards for what you do and ditching you before you might earn a bit more.
I think somebody is making an awful lot of money while we do the legwork.


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