Get £15.15 for taking a free month trial of Lovefilm via TCB (then just cancel)

Posted by moonfish | Posted on 01/05/2016 at 13:17:18

Topcashback are currently offering a higher than usual rate of £15.15 for taking out a free month's trial of Lovefilm. Thought I would mention this as it's higher than the usual rate (Quidco are only offering £12). Once you're halfway through the trial just call them and cancel and you won't be charged a penny. I think you have to watch at least 90 minutes of Lovefilm during the trial to receive the cashback but you never have to pay anything unless you decide not to cancel.

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2016-05-01 14:37:55

You can't do this if you've ever had a Lovefilm subscription before unfortunately, I already had a free trial with Lovefilm a few months ago through TCB. They're pretty fast at paying out though.

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2016-05-01 15:46:22


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2016-05-01 15:55:25

Good deal but as a tv service lovefilm is crap compared to netflix

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2016-05-01 16:26:28

Is it easy to cancel? Do you have to phone them or can you do it over the net?

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2016-05-01 18:41:09

I think there's an option somewhere on their site to cancel, but they hide it away where it's not overly obvious

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2016-05-01 18:42:24

I don't know to be honest, I just called them and cancelled it last time as it seemed like the easiest way

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2016-05-08 20:49:42

This has gone down to £12.60 now


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