Get cash for your stuff at Music Magpie

Posted by gordonzola | Posted on 09/12/2016 at 17:55:57

Music Magpie started off as I site where you could sell your CDs (they buy them off you). Nowadays you can also sell them your DVDs, games, Blu-rays, clothes or electronic equipment such as laptops, phones and tablets. The good thing about it is that they give you a price upfront, and you can get prices by entering barcodes or selecting the type of item and the condition it's in. Worth having a look to see how much your stuff is worth if you don't use it anymore or are having a clearout. They also pay the postage for you so you don't have to worry about that.

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2016-12-10 16:53:34

Thanks, this is definitely a site worth checking out. Some of your stuff isn't worth selling to them as they pay virtually nothing for it but other things they pay surprisingly much for so it's definitely worth a go.

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2016-12-13 14:24:46

I don't agree that this is a good site at all they underpay you for everything. i think they were offering about £6.70 for my whole cd collecgtion


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