Get free site traffic, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc from Linkcollider

Posted by jaydog | Posted on 07/06/2016 at 18:49:02

Link Collider is a site that enables you to get free Twitter followers, Facebook likes, traffic for your website, retweets and other things like that (including Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube). It's a social exchange site. I know there are a lot of social exchanges about but Linkcollider is by far the best in my opinion.

How it works

The idea is that when you register an account with Link Collider (it's completely free) you can then earn points by following other people on Twitter or liking their Facebook statuses or visiting their webpage or loads of other ways. You can put your webpage or Facebook page or Twitter account (...you get the idea) on there and then when other people give you a like or whatever, it takes off some of your points (you specify the amount).

In reality, you don't ever need to like anybody else's page or anything else if you don't want to as Link Collider gives you 350 points free every day just for logging in and clicking the claim link.

This is an excellent way of building up Facebook likes or Twitter followers really quickly.

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2016-06-08 01:23:00

Thanks for posting. I used to be a member of Social Clerks (probably still am actually) but that site doesn't seem to work anymore for some reason so I'll definitely check this one out.

Comments: 43
2016-06-08 09:56:36

Does anybody know whether the number of Facebook likes / Twitter followers your website has makes a difference to your site's SEO? I've heard lots of conflicting opinions. As this seems so easy to manipulate these days I'm a bit skeptical.

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2016-06-08 11:20:15

Yes, social network likes and followers definitely improve your site's SEO, it's been demonstrated a number of times. Google+ apparently has the biggest effect (unsurprisingly!) but the others also have a definite impact.

Plus, the more likes and followers you have on social networking sites, the more people you have that you can promote your website to directly (obviously).

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2016-06-08 13:25:18

Sorry jaydog but this is not true in my opinion, and from what I've seen. I've never seen evidence of a website that has been ranked high on Google because of its social network stats. I can see the value in getting loads of likes and followers but not for direct impact on SEO.

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2016-06-08 16:49:56

Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion. All I'm saying is that I've seen definite significant improvements to my site's rankings after gaining likes and followers.

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2016-06-09 13:50:13

These sort of followers are low quality. They're all either fake accounts or people who have just followed you for the points anyway so they're obviously not interested in what your site offers. Just sayin.

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2016-10-24 14:14:25

Just an update on this thread - I've been using Linkcollider for about 5 months and by just using their free tokens every day I've now got over 1000 Twitter followers! Not sure any of them actually listen to anything I say, though :(

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2016-11-01 23:55:17

Very low quality likes


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