Guarantee Money With Matched Betting

Posted by raidthebookie | Posted on 16/08/2016 at 12:03:23

I think there have been similar sites listed on here giving people a way to guarantee profits with matched betting. Matched Betting is a proven guaranteed way to make money and has been around for some time. However, Raid The Bookie takes the complication out of matched betting and makes it foolproof. Right now they have up to £705 in profit you can make

It's completely free to use also, so unlike the other matched betting calculators out there there is absolutely no charge for the service.

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Comments: 41
2016-08-16 17:08:41

Is this the same thing as fixtheodds? Do you add new betting sites regularly? Sounds good if the whole thing is completely free

Comments: 2
2016-08-16 20:10:17

It's very similar yes but completely free. We are adding new offers all the time too. Let us know how you get on, if nothing else sign up and take a look to let us know what you think!

Comments: 39
2016-08-16 21:00:10

Already used up all my free bets unfortunately but this is definitely a good way to make some quick cash.

Comments: 41
2016-08-16 21:21:21

Thanks, sounds good, will give it a try

Comments: 2
2016-08-16 21:38:42

Thanks for the feedback Dealbreaker. If you have any friends you want to show the site to, we also have an affiliate scheme. Drop an email to our support address that's on the site if this interests you! *end of shameless plugging* :-) Hope you guys enjoy our free service though!

Comments: 39
2016-08-17 00:49:16

No problem, thanks. Great looking site btw.

Comments: 15
2016-08-18 18:24:17

definitely sounds like a useful tool if you haven't done matched betting before


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