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Posted by fevermonkey | Posted on 11/11/2015 at 21:10:37

Covert Cash Conspiracy is a product which has been around for quite a while now, with a couple of re-launches along the way. It claims to be a foolproof blueprint that anybody can follow to make an easy living online.

Covert Cash Conspiracy has a very persuasive sales page that promises you the world. Matt Benwell, its creator, says that since giving up his 55 hours-per-week job four years ago, he has used this exact system to consistently make over $100,000 dollars per month.

Sounds appealing, doesn't it? Matt also goes on to say he paid off his $60,000 worth of debt in the first two months of using this system and that he now works just 4 hours a week.

I must admit I was doubtful of some of these claims straight away. And after having read the product I'm even less convinced.

Although I've seen Matt's name pop up on a few Clickbank products, I don't know him personally and therefore I can't say definitively whether he really makes the kind of money he says he does or not. What I will say is that, if he does earn over $100k per month, I HIGHLY doubt it's from using this system alone.

In spite of its claims that it reveals secret methods the 'gurus' don't want you to know about, Covert Cash Conspiracy is essentially just an affiliate marketing overview for newbies. There are certainly no well-kept secrets inside, just common practice marketing techniques.

In all fairness, the product itself isn't absolutely terrible. It's fairly well written, with some useful advice if you don't have much experience as an affiliate marketer. It covers most areas you would need to know to start with, although probably does not go into quite enough detail about each.

At 64 pages it's not a particularly lengthy ebook. This in itself isn't necessarily a problem as some of the best products are short and concise, rather than filling themselves out with loads of fluffy crap. However, as much of the content that is included isn't particularly great, genuinely useful information is very limited.

The key things covered in Covert Cash Conspiracy are: market research, keyword testing, setting up a website (including Wordpress install and settings), article writing, using autoresponders and list building.

As I mentioned previously, there is not a great deal of info for each so somebody completely new to internet marketing would probably need to do a lot of additional research elsewehere in order to set up any semblance of a successful website. At times you do get the feeling Matt is more keen on promoting his affiliate links within the book than providing good quality information.

One massively important aspect of affiliate marketing is SEO. With hundreds of other sites out there promoting similar products, you need to have at least some idea of how to get that competitive edge on Google. Other than touching on the concept of gaining backlinks, this product says barely anything about search engine rankings, with no mention whatsoever of on-page SEO.

I think the main thing I found with this product is that there's nothing inspiring about it. Apart from anything else, the ebook is not particularly visually stimulating, and the big gaps between paragraphs give the impression the book's been rushed together and then stretched out to make it more of an acceptable length. In fact, it seems as if more time and effort has been spent on creating the sales page than the actual product itself, which is never really a good sign.

Would I Recommend This Product?

Although there are some good aspects of Covert Cash Conspiracy with a few useful hints and tips, most of it is common sense stuff you'll likely already know, or at least could find out with a bit of Googling. If you're completely new to internet marketing and are looking for somewhere to start there are probably things in here that could help you along your way. However, there are other products out there which are much more fit for purpose, such as Rob Ainge's Magic Affiliate Sales (see my review here).

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2016-12-31 21:21:18

Great review, couldn't agree more, this product is over-hyped b.s.


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