Make money co-producing a movie (UK only?)

Posted by Dealbreaker | Posted on 25/09/2016 at 00:04:26

Yougov are currently running a project to produce a film, and they want to get as many people's opinions as possible. Everyone who takes part is basically a 'co-producer' and will get a share of the profits in the film, in return for their continuous feedback along the way.

The film's plot actually sounds really interesting. It's about a rich guy who is bored with his life and so hires an assassin to kill him. It's not that he wants to die, it's because he wants the thrill of an adventure. There's obviously a lot more to it than that, but that's the basics.

It's a great project to be part of and they do actually listen to your feedback and make changes to the storyline. Here's the email I just received from them which proves this:

Dear CoProducer,

We’ve been crunching the results from the firest story board survey. We wanted to tell you what we’re changing as a result of your feedback...and how you can get tickets to the premiere!

What we’re changing

We hope you enjoyed the first act of the movie – we’ve certainly enjoyed poring over the data from your responses. We’ve received lots of positive feedback about how the plot is developing, including:

“Nice story development, flows well.”

“Opening with the hit men was a good idea.”

"Very good, interesting plot. Nice to start off with the other characters not Ryan.”

We actually ran two different versions of the video you rated: each of which characterised Ryan in a different way. There are lots of detailed points in your feedback, as well as some big thematic questions, which we’re mulling as we modify the script. Some headline findings we can already tell you about:

Ryan’s job as a record producer clearly didn’t resonate. We’re going to change that, and instead explore his character as a messed-up child of wealth. One response, that captured widespread sentiment nicely, went as follows: “it's hard to understand why a character like Ryan, who has built his own success as a record producer, would be so dissatisfied with life."

Some of the killing, in the set-up, was seen by many of you as unnecessary. One respondent said “I thought some of the initial violence did not seem to connect to the story.”

More generally, we’re going to make the introduction a bit pacier – lots of you felt that the story didn’t get off the ground fast enough.

On the technical front, we’re also going to build a “pause” button into the dial-test tool – lots of you asked for that!

Definitely worth giving it a go, especially if you're interested in films!!

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Comments: 25
2016-09-25 10:47:12

Sounds like a cool project, thanks, I'm in.

Comments: 9
2016-09-26 12:18:29

Thanks for this. Registered.

Comments: 43
2016-10-13 14:32:03

Sounds very cool, thank you for posting. Is this worldwide?

Comments: 29
2016-10-23 00:13:36

I signed up for this a while ago but haven't heard anything in ages. Anybody know what's going on with it?

Comments: 39
2016-10-23 22:41:10

I've just had an invitation through to another survey for this today funnily enough!

Comments: 41
2016-11-03 13:49:39

Sounds good but I can't find anything about it on the attached link


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