Make A Living With Fiverr

Whether you're a Photoshop pro or a keen guitarist, Fiverr is there to help you put your skills and hobbies to good use and profit for doing so. Fiverr

As the world's largest marketplace for services and one of the fastest growing sites on the net, Fiverr is the ideal place for you to monetise... well... just about anything really.

Fiverr can be used as a handy tool to earn a bit of extra money each month, however there are also many who actually make a full time living from it.

How It Works

Fiverr allows you to create listings to advertise any services you want (with a few obvious exclusions!). Other people can then view your listings and can purchase your services (or 'gigs', as Fiverr calls them) for (as the site's name suggests) $5.

You can really use your imagination with this. Whatever your skills are - writing articles, coding HTML, designing a book cover, doodling - chances are there is somebody out there who could use your help.

Even if you don't feel you have any particular expertise, you could offer to leave a positive review of their Amazon product, promote their website to your Facebook friends or even record a happy birthday message for them. The possibilites are endless.

As it's only a fiver, people are more than happy to try your services out without too much thought if it's something that may utilise tools or skills they don't have or just to save themselves a bit of time.

People can also paste 'wanted' ads which specify what they will pay a fiver for somebody to do, so it's always worth having a browse through these to see if there's something you feel you could do.

Fiverr take $1 of every transaction so you end up with $4. This may not sound like much, but if you have something that takes minutes to do and is in demand, this can soon add up.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Fiverr can also be very useful for times when you're looking for services. For example, if you have a webpage and need a bit of help with SEO or need some articles for your blog, there are plenty of people desperate to offer you their services for just $5.

While there are obviously some gigs that aren't quite up to scratch, Fiverr have a feedback system so you can let others know about your experiences. If a particular gig has a high feedback rating, you know the chances are that you won't be disappointed. If it has a low feedback rating, it goes without saying that you should probably give it a miss.

Whether you decide to make a purchase or not, it's always interesting to see some of the random things other people are prepared to do for a fiver. It can also be useful to do this if you're looking for a bit of inspiration for a gig you could create yourself.

Seen any particular interesting-looking gigs on Fiverr? Feel free to share below!

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