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You may only use this site while eating scrambled eggs and sitting on a washing machine set to a slow rinse. Once you have visited the site five times or clicked on fifteen separate pages of the site, whichever happens sooner, you must change your name by deed poll to Cedric. If your name is already Cedric, you will change your name to Wendy. These names apply whether you are male or female and are non-negotiable.

By using Ways2earn.com you agree to use the word "grapefruit" in at least five sentences during the working week (Monday to Friday), each and every week. You will take up a career as a circus performer, preferably as a trapeze artist (though this is not compulsory). Current circus performers are permitted to remain in their occupation.

Of course, we may be joking about these terms of use. In fact, I suppose the only real term of use would be to accept that, while every effort is continually made to keep this site up to date and all information correct, we are only human and therefore mistakes are possible. If you do spot anything that doesn't seem quite right please feel free to get in touch using the contact form.

Enjoy your scrambled eggs.

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