Earn Extra Cash With Qmee

Wouldn't it be great to be paid for surfing the web? Well, now you can! To an extent, anyway.

Qmee is a new browser plugin which pays you cash for clicking on sponsored links. The best thing about Qmee is that it doesn't involve changing your surfing habits. Qmee shows relevant sponsored links while you search as you normally would on Amazon, eBay, Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Qmee is currently available in the UK and US, although they are planning to extend this to other countries soon.

How Does Qmee Work?

When you register with Qmee they provide you with a link to download and install their software. This software is basically an app which plugs in to your browser and runs silently in the background until it is needed.

When you perform a search on one of the supported sites the Qmee toolbar will sometimes appear at the left hand side of the screen, containing a number of relevant links. Next to each link it tells you how much you will earn from clicking on it.

The amount you get paid varies depending on the link. This ranges from a few pence (or cents) right up to a pound / dollar. Don't expect to see many of the latter though; typical payouts are between 5 and 15 pence / cents. Still, not bad just for clicking on a link.

This definitely isn't going to make you rich, but depending on how often you search you can easily build up £0.50-£1 each day (£15-£30 per month) for searching as you would be doing anyway, on the search engines and sites that you already use.

Qmee is completely unintrusive as it hides completely until you search for keywords for which it has relevant links to show. The only thing visible otherwise is a small Q in the top right, which you can click on to view your balance at any time or cash out your money (see below screenshot).

Qmee Screenshot

Qmee has no minimum paymout threshold so you can cash out as little as 5p if you wanted to. Cash is transferred almost instantly into your Paypal account. Payments for clicking on links are also added almost instantaneously to your Piggybank. There is never any obligation to purchase anything via these links.

The idea behind Qmee makes so much sense I'm surprised it's never been done before. I mean, there have been several variations on the idea but nothing as convenient and easy to use as Qmee.

From a sponsor's point of view, they are getting targeted traffic consisting of people who they know likely have the intent to buy something. From an end user's point of view this is an easy way to get paid for something they were already doing anyway.

Qmee is currently available for use with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

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