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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an author? (also available in other countries by changing the domain extension accordingly) lets you turn those latent writing skills into hard cash.

Textbroker is a broker between clients who need written content, whether it be for a blog post, advert or a newsletter, and authors who are happy to provide their writing services in return for payment.

Earnings per article / piece written vary depending on your rating as an author, the number of words required and how much clients are willing to pay. These range from £2 up to around £30 per piece.

How It Works

As part of the application process Textbroker require you to pen a short piece - you can choose the subject from a number of options they give you. They then review this and rate it out of five stars, which then becomes your author rating.

It is unlikely you will get five stars at this point but you can improve this by getting consistently good feedback from clients for work you do along the way. Four stars is very achievable though and is enough to bring in plenty of jobs.

Once registered you can then head over to the assignments tab (see below screenshot) to browse through open assignments to see if there are any that interest you. There are always plenty of these, broken down by category, so whether you're interested in cars, football or just want to write something humourous there will probably be something to fit.

Assignments screenshot Textbroker Screenshot

The assignments are also split by number of stars you need to have in order to accept them. Naturally those for authors with higher ratings are generally better paid. The bulk off the available jobs usually falls into the 4 star category.

Each assignment contains a brief, written by the client, which outlines what it is they're looking for, including how many words and also how much they're willing to pay. You can then choose to accept the assignment if you wish. Once you have completed and submitted and assignment and the client has accepted it they can then rate your work. Consistently good feedback will help you to increase your star rating.

This is not in itself a full time job, but can bring in some useful supplementary cash. Committed users can easily earn £80 - £100 per month and once you have built up a good reputation clients can contact you directly to request your services, which will generally pay a bit better than those offered to everyone.

As well as the extra money, Textbroker is a great way of practising your writing skills and also a good opportunity to become known as an expert author within a particular niche.

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