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Over recent years survey sites have become a very popular way to generate some extra cash. For good reason too; survey sites are very quick and easy to get started with and can be worked on as much or as little as you wish.

While many (but not all) pay around the equivalent to minimum wage or less, the attraction of online surveys is that they can be completed as and when you choose. While this is by no means a full time employment opportunity, you can quite easily top your income up by £50+ ($75+) a month with a bit of time and effort.

As well as the cash, these sites can also be a great way to try out companies' products for free. When companies are about to release new products they often send prototypes to members of survey sites to trial, in order to then get feedback from different demographics. Over the past few months we've been sent all sorts of free products on this basis, ranging from crisps to deodourant to electronic cigarettes.

There are loads of survey sites out there and it can be a bit of a minefield when deciding which ones are worth investing the time and effort in. We've outlined some of our favourites below.


GlobalTestMarket is one of the most reliable survey sites on the net. It's been around for years and, as long as you've completed your profile, you should receive an abundance of survey opportunities, often several per day.

You need to earn $50 (1000 points) before you can request a payout, which you can have as Paypal cash or a choice of a range of vouchers. If you're committed you can achieve this in about 4-5 weeks and they're pretty quick to pay once you request it.

GlobalTestMarket are also quite good for giving you the chance to try out products. These types of survey are usually just like any other, but at the end (if you fit the right criteria) they will ask if you would like to test a product, which they will then post to you.

Realistic monthly earnings: $50 (£31ish)


MySurvey is another one which offers very regular surveys. Like GlobalTestMarket you can often receive several invitations per day. You are rewarded with points for each survey you complete, which you can then exchange for Paypal cash or vouchers.

Payout threshold is low, you can get hold of an Amazon voucher at just 550 points (£5). Payment usually takes a few days to clear once requested but we've never had any problems with their reliability.

MySurvey is another one which also gives you plenty of opportunities to test products for free in return for your feedback.

Realistic monthly earnings: £20


Populuslive is without doubt one of the best payers in the market. They pay £1 for every 5 minutes of your time, equating to a very respectable £12 per hour.

Surveys aren't nearly as common as with some other sites, however are regular enough to make it worthwhile. Their surveys are generally interesting as well, often about current affairs.

Populuslive will post you a cheque automatically once you have reached 50 points (£50). This site currently only accepts members within the UK.

Realistic monthly earnings: £15


Ipsos are another very well established survey company. Their surveys are very regular and their threshold is fairly low at £10. Ipsos reward you with points for completion of surveys, which you can then exchange for vouchers for sites like Amazon.

Unlike many survey sites, Ipsos still reward you with a portion of the points if you 'screen out' in the initial few questions. Ipsos are also a good site for the occasional free product to trial.

Although their rewards for surveys are not the highest, they're certainly not the lowest either and many people easily rack up enough points for a £10 voucher each month.

Ipsos is a global panel open to members in a wide number of countries.

Realistic monthly earnings: £10 (in vouchers)


Crowdology site is a UK based site that offers payment by Paypal in excahnge for completing surveys. Crowdology has quite a unique feel to it and some of its surveys are really enjoyable.

Surveys vary considerably in length, with some taking less than a minute to complete and others up to 25 minutes (obviously payment also vary accordingly). One really attractive things about Crowdology is that you only need to earn £4 before requesting a payout, which many people earn every month.

Payouts are quick to process and Crowdology's customer service are also speedy to respond should you need to get in touch with them.

Realistic monthly earnings: £4


YouGov is more than just a survey site, it is also an online community where people can share their opinions on just about everything. For those interested in sharing their views or reading opinions of others it can be really addictive.

YouGov's survey programme generally pays around 50p to £1 per survey and has a payment threshold of £50, which means it can take a good few months to rack up enough cash to receive a cheque through the post.

Surveys are often quite interesting though and are used to amass statistics which are reported in the media. YouGov is a very professional site which has been around a long time, and they are particularly reliable payers once you have met the threshold.

Realistic monthly earnings: £5


MindMover is a UK based survey site. Its surveys are infrequent and it can take a few months to rack up the £20 required to cash out, however when you do they pay you in cash through Paypal (or you can request a cheque if you prefer once you have reached £30).

Surveys with MindMover are generally interesting and more visually appealing than most sites.

Realistic monthly earnings: £4


Newvistalive is another high payer, often paying several pounds per survey. Surveys aren't as regular as with some, however are regular enough for you to meet their £50 threshold every few months.

Newvistalive do have a slightly annoying habit of pausing the survey momentarily after each question before allowing you to answer, apparently to make sure you've spent enough time reading the question properly. However their surveys are well laid out and well paid enough to keep you interested.

This site is well established and a reliable payer.

Realistic monthly earnings: £8


Again, Swagbucks is a lot more than just a survey site. As a Swagbucks member you can earn money from watching videos, using their search engine and playing games (as well as taking surveys), among other things.

Swagbucks have a payment threshold of just £5 / $5, which you can achieve pretty quickly. You can opt for vouchers or payment directly into your Paypal account.

There is a lot to this site, with constantly added opportunities to earn, making it one of the more interesting sites to check out.

Realistic monthly earnings: £20


Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost has the lowest payment threshold of them all, at just £2.50, which they pay in cash into your Paypal account.

This site can be slightly annoying at times as you do tend to get screened out of quite a lot of surveys after answering quite a few questions, which means you don't get paid.

A lot of their surveys are also unpaid; for these surveys they enter you into a prize draw instead. Many people prefer to wait for their paid surveys.

On the plus side they are reliable payers.

Realistic monthly earnings: £3

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