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Posted by taser1982 | Posted on 02/06/2016 at 19:44:24

I know someone already posted a link to Pinecone Research previously but I've just had an email from them to say they're expanding again so I thought I would post a new link just in case the old one no longer works.

Pinecone have just changed their rewards system as well. You still get £3 for every survey but you can now save this up if you want to and receive it as vouchers (or still as Paypal if you want to).

Very good survey site, I'd highly recommend registering with them if you're not already registered.

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Comments: 43
2016-06-02 20:07:32

Thanks for posting. You can never have too many sign up links to Pinecone Research! It's the best survey site there is. Even better than Populus Live, which is definitely not far off.

Comments: 12
2016-11-11 23:55:12

Nice... you've posted a link to Pinecone Research and then you've put a picture of an actual pinecone. I see what you've done there :)

Comments: 12
2016-11-12 00:15:40

But very good site for surveys btw

Comments: 41
2016-12-13 00:00:00

Doesn't seem to work anymore...


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