Very cheap laptop - HP 255 G3 only £169.99 at Ebuyer (after cashback)

Posted by Tinytim | Posted on 27/06/2015 at 18:20:13

This offer is on until the end of November - currently if you buy an HP laptop you can claim £50 cashback on it directly from HP. Ebuyer are currently selling a fairly good spec HP laptop for £219.99, so this works out at less than £170 including the money you get back.

Laptop specs look great for the money - 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and a dual core processor, plus the laptop itself is pretty light.

Details of how to claim the cashback are on the Ebuyer page I've posted.

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Comments: 39
2016-08-16 20:02:44

Good for a student laptop. Obviously not for gamers but seems very good value for a basic laptop.

Comments: 12
2016-08-18 18:01:25

Excellent price for a new laptop. I still remember the days when you couldn't get any laptop for less than £1000!! (quite a long time ago, obviously)

Comments: 41
2016-08-26 20:40:51

Excellent deal! Cheaper than a lot of netbooks.


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