Work in IT? Get minimum $10 per survey

Posted by onlinejunkie | Posted on 04/05/2016 at 13:48:48

Techsay is a survey site for people who work in IT. If you do, you can sign up for free and they send you surveys about IT related things, and you get a minimum of 200 points ($10) for completing each one. Once you have 1000 points ($50) you can cash out by check, or you can let your balance build up further before cashing out if you want to. Even if you screen out at the start of a survey you get $1.

Techsay is based in the US but accepts members from a number of other countries as well, including the UK.

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Comments: 41
2016-05-04 13:56:42

$10 per survey! That's well good. I don't work in IT though. How do they know if you're telling the truth when you say you work in IT?

Comments: 29
2016-05-04 14:01:21

Erm... I guess they probably don't. But then unless you know quite a bit about IT you'll probably find the surveys really boring and won't understand most of the questions. Or answers.

Comments: 43
2016-05-07 14:18:59

Well, I don't work in IT but I've given it a go anyway. I know enough about IT to be able to answer most stuff anyway, I'd guess.

Comments: 5
2016-06-11 13:16:08

Sounds like a nice idea for those 'in the know'


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