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Populus Live - Best Survey Site! £12 per hour (UK only)

Posted by bernardinho
Posted by bernardinho | Posted on 30th-April-2016 at 13:50
Populus Live is by far my favourite survey site. Its surveys are interesting and best of all it pays really well. They give you £1 for every 5 minutes of your time, which equates...

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Posted by simplesimon
Posted by simplesimon | Posted on 29th-April-2016 at 03:24
Does anybody know much about Amazon Mechanical Turk program? I signed up ages ago but have never used it as it doesn't seem to pay very well, but apparently some people do alright...

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Got a book published with KDP? Improve sales with Kindle Matchbook

Posted by raymondo
Posted by raymondo | Posted on 28th-April-2016 at 13:13
I know this won't apply to everyone but I've just had the following email from Amazon. Useful for improving sales if you have a book published with Kindle and Createspace: Hello,...

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ENDED Get £1.01 for ordering free Giffgaff SIM card through TCB

Posted by fevermonkey
Posted by fevermonkey | Posted on 26th-April-2016 at 13:41
Just been on Topcashback and at the moment they are giving £1.01 for ordering a free Giffgaff SIM card. You don't have to activate it, just order it (you get more cashback if you...

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