Easy £15 to be made from Royal Mint (UK only)

Posted by mynameisdave | Posted on 02/09/2016 at 16:28:32

Please read to the end to see how to make quick money from this.

The Royal Mint are currently selling a limited edition £20 coin, which they are selling at face value (£20), limited to 3 per person. They are legal tender and if you purchase 3, you get free postage as well. So for £60 you get 3 coins.

Aside from the fact that these coins will probably gain in value fairly quickly so if you wanted to hang on to them you could undoubtedly make a profit further down the line, there is a quick and easy way to profit from them straight away.

If you go to http://www.westminstercollection.com/%C2%A320-buy-back.aspx?source=buy20poundcoin&gclid=CIz49b7X5LoCFc7JtAod_lYAIQ they will buy the coins off you for £25 each, meaning a profit of £5 for each coin. So if you purchase 3, you can sell them straight away and make a profit of £15.

Bit of effort but well worth it for £15!

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2016-09-02 20:38:07

Thanks for posting, however the Westminster Collection site seems to have suspended its buy-back offer for the time being, from the looks of things.

Comments: 39
2016-09-02 20:39:40

I'm not sure I trust a site that says "send us 3 £20 coins and we'll give you £75 for them". Sounds like a good scam to me! But maybe I'm just an old cynic :)


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