How to get free calls to 08 numbers if you're with Virgin Media (UK)

Posted by mynameisdave | Posted on 12/05/2015 at 01:21:01

If you have a landline with Virgin Media, there's a nifty little trick you can use to get free calls to 08 numbers (0870, 0845 and 0844), which you would normally have to pay over the odds for.

Virgin offer a free directory enquiries service that you can get through to by calling 118 180. If you want to get through to a company that you know has an 08 number, instead of calling them directly call 118 180 and ask for the number for that company, as if you don't already know the number. Bearing in mind this call is completely free.

When they have found the number, they will ask if you would like them to connect you. Say yes, and they will put you straight through to them company, which will be part of the same call and therefore you won't be charged for it. Before they put you through they will actually tell you that you won't be charged for the call.

You can do this up to ten times per day!

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2016-07-01 13:20:00

VERY nice, thank you! I HATE phone companies for the amount they charge you to call these numbers, and almost all companies seem to have them (even my doctor's surgery)! I always try saynoto0870 but it doesn't always come up with an alternative so this will be very useful.

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2016-07-03 14:41:40



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