Get Free Bitcoins, Litecoins, Feathercoins And Other Digital Cryptocurrency Daily At Qoinpro

Posted by bernardinho | Posted on 19/10/2016 at 16:11:10

Register for free with Qoinpro and they give a small amount of a number of different crypto currencies for free every day, and also some for free when you register with them. You don't actually have to do anything, they add very small amounts to each of your balances each day. If you refer people you can increase the amount you earn.

Although the amounts are very small, if any of these currencies go the same way as Bitcoin did, they could be worth quite a lot at some point down the line.

I've been registered with Qoinpro for about a week now and have seen my balances steadily increase. You can withdraw your balance once it's met their minimum threshold.

The currencies they give you are currently:


Qoinpro has only recently been opened up to the general public and is still in its beta phase. Register while it's still free! You don't have to enter any personal details such as bank account or card details.

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2016-10-19 16:14:29

The amount of each you earn per day is as below (this is the email they send you each day):

Dear bernardinho,

Good day, you are receiving this e-mail because you are a member of QoinPro.com

We have added the following daily coins to your balances:

Bitcoin: 0.00000001 BTC
Litecoin: 0.00000031 LTC
FeatherCoin: 0.00002419 FTC
FedoraCoin: 0.39141088 TIPS

Remember, at the moment we're in Beta, during the beta stage we are gradually increasing
the number of coins you receive every day. As soon as we are out of beta we will
significantly increase the daily coins. We've to make sure everything is working properly


The QoinPro Team

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2016-10-20 13:47:48

Looks good, thank you, I've registered and will see what happens. I still can't really understand exactly what they get out of this though...

Comments: 20
2016-10-20 14:22:49

I did think the same thing but the site looks legit and they seem to be paying out ok. There's nothing to lose as you don't need to enter any card or bank account details or anything.

Comments: 43
2016-10-21 12:33:07

Just like to say I registered for this when you first posted it and appears to be legit. Looks good, anyway.

Comments: 29
2016-10-21 16:03:45

Definitely worth signing up. You don't have to give any personal details at all, other than email address and a password.

Comments: 43
2016-10-25 13:09:47

Anybody had any experience of withdrawing from them yet??

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2016-11-04 11:14:03

They have also just increased the Litecoin payout by 5% as they have surpassed 500 transactions.

Comments: 41
2016-11-11 23:50:16

Will they just withdraw all of my free coins when the value suddenly goes up?


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